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Ingredients: ceramics with a precious metal (gold) lustre, waxed acrylic cord, 24-karat gold over sterling silver 925 details.

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This item is fired in a ceramic oven up to 3 times and handcrafted in up to 10 days. Individual production process makes each item unique and precious, and therefore the product you order and the one in the picture may lightly vary.

~3 cm.

adjustable; ~80 cm long, 1.1 mm thick; 24-karat gold over sterling silver 925 details.

~15 g.

This high-quality jewellery item is durable, but it may loose its initial appearance, if worn frequently. This is a natural process, which will add a touch of uniqueness to your jewellery dessert.
The cord length is easily adjustable. Pull the sliding part of the cord – the one you will find the label on. Please don’t pull or in any other way move the long cylinder-shaped detail on the cord. 
The gold layer can wear away and get thinner over time. Be sure to take off your jewellery when doing sports, taking a sauna, swimming in chlorinated or salty water etc. Occasional cleaning with a special jewellery cloth will keep the gold plated silver details shiny for longer. 

- avoid dropping, hitting or scratching your pendant necklace against any hard surfaces (e.g. ground, counter tops, car keys in your pocket or purse etc.) – the ceramic pendant can get scratched, crack or break into pieces;
- do not rub the ceramic pendant;
- do not detach the pendant from the cord without a professional assistance;
- keep your pendant necklace ina separate cotton bag or box. Make sure you don’t store multiple jewelry pieces in the same bag: the individual pieces can scratch each other;
- store your jewellery in dry spaces, other than your bathroom.